Volume One "5 X 5" Book Details: Softcover Trade book, 5×8 in (13×20 cm), 44 Pages (matte finish)

Volume Two "This One Day I Photographed..." Book Details: TBD - Currently in the works!

Oddments Zine


Plural form of "oddment"
noun | odd·ment  \ ˈäd-mənt \

a remnant or part of something
typically left over from a larger piece or set

bits and pieces, odds and ends

As a husband,  father and having a full-time non-photography related job I often do not have the time or ability to consistently take images or focus on photography projects from start to finish in a reasonable period. Almost all projects I start are multi-year long-term projects, and due to this, the idea of putting out work in short stages or minicollections seemed more appealing to me than waiting until the projects are complete to publish the work.

Due to the above reasons, I came up with the idea of creating a zine called “Oddments.” This zine is a way to for me to publish my work as yearly limited edition volumes.

You can purchase each volume, when available, in my store

Volume One - "5 x 5" was a Limited Quantity of 30 copies. 

Nick Exposed - Oddments Volume One Review: https://youtu.be/2PjMxuHeuK0?t=8m56s

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