Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2017

As a photographer, it is always good to get out and shoot with other photographers. Not only is is good for networking but it also a great way to put a little pressure on and even challenge ourselves to do our best when taking pictures. 

One event I try to do every year is Scott Kelby's Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. People from around the world join this event. What is great about this is you can either find a walk near you to join or sign up to host a walk yourself. This walk happens annually on the first Saturday of October.

This past October (2017) I joined Abbie Miller of Stories Framed Photography ( and her group at the Wauwatosa Farmer's Market. I challenged myself by trying to only shoot Street Style Portraits with my Canon Elan 7e film camera and get to know each person I captured by collecting names and if possible business cards.  Below you can see the images I took. I think there are some of my best street portrait work I have done yet and so glad I got to meet these wonderful people. 

For more information on the annual walk can be found through this link: 


Giveaway Time!

To celebrate the end of 2017 (and cheer me up), I am giving away five (5) of my 4x6 print packs!

Five separate lucky people will be selected to receive one of the print packs you can find in my store (link in bio).

Winners will be announced in an IG Story on December 18, 2017, @ 9:00 PM Central US time.

How to enter for your chance to win:

  1. Goto my Instagram account and follow my account:
  2. Like the giveaway announcement post. (
  3. Tag two friends in a comment on the post you think would also like a chance to win a print pack.

Some Rules/Restrictions:

  1. Multiple Entries will count as a single entry for the Giveaway.
  2. Personal / Personal Business Accounts only.
  3. Accounts that are group accounts / curated / reposting type accounts are invalid for entry.
  4. Which print pack you receive is random, winners do not get to select what pack they get to receive.
  5. Winners have 48 hours to DM me their mailing address after they are selected. If chosen winner's mailing address is not received, I will choose a new winner to replace that person.

Good Luck!

- Jason

Oddments Zine Pre-Order Available!


As a husband,  father and having a full-time non-photography related job I often do not have the time or ability to consistently take images or focus on photography projects from start to finish in a reasonable period. Almost all projects I start are multi-year long-term projects, and due to this, the idea of putting out work in short stages or minicollections seemed more appealing to me than waiting until the projects are complete to publish the work.

Due to the above reasons, I came up with the idea of creating a zine called “Oddments.” This zine is a way to for me to publish my work as yearly limited edition volumes.


The first volume is titled “5 x 5” and is a collection of five images from five different projects I have been working on for the last three years.

Pre-Order Price is $20 USD - International shipping included. (Zine is discounted to $17 in store + $3 Ship = $20)

Twenty-Five pre-orders for Volume One of the Zine available now in the store until they are sold out or until 6:00 PM US Central Time on December 31, 2017. After that, the price will be $20 + $3 Shipping USD.

Oddments Zine will ship in January 2018.

Book Details:

Softcover Trade book

5×8 in (13×20 cm)

44 Pages (matte finish)



Prints for Sale!

To help pay for this site I have decided to sell some small print packs.

Each print pack has five images from the five projects currently featured on this site. 

The print packs are limited in quantity and are priced at $20.00 US (+ $3.00 shipping and I will ship them Globally). Just note, as I am just setting things up I only take payments through PayPal currently.  

Please go check out my store to purchase them.